All Aboard!

Well, the train is leaving the station and I’m off on a new adventure.  No actual traveling involved this time – so maybe its more accurate to call it a new “venture” rather than an “adventure”.  Welcome to my new website for Whispering Winds Photography!  This is obviously a creation in the making, but I hope to add more photos and content very soon!  I have never really showed my photos outside of Facebook shares with family and friends, so I have to admit, that I’m a bit nervous about putting it out there for everyone to see!  My only real hope is to share the beauty I see in the world with as many people as I can get to look!

This is something I have contemplated for a long time, but wasn’t sure that my photos are good enough to actually display and/or sell.  But if not now…when? And so my new motto is “If you don’t try, you’ll never know”.  So here it goes!

It does occur to me as I write this that maybe its not “professional” to admit that I am unsure and nervous. Maybe it will be seen as a weakness.  But you know what?  I’m a person. With emotions. So why pretend that they don’t exist?  And really…isn’t that a big part of what photography is all about? Evoking emotion?  Of course, I hope that my photographs evoke a positive emotion from those who see them, but emotion is what its all about!

I would love to hear any feedback – good or bad – and I will do my best to listen and improve where I can!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the ride!

One Response to “All Aboard!

  • Gary Godfrey
    4 years ago

    Welcome to the web world of photography! Love the header!!

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